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How would you like to be featured in Two-Lane Livin' Magazine with quality marketing pieces, highlighting the best features of your business?

Two-Lane Livin' Magazine offers this service using in-house writers, photographers and videographers. We feature your piece in print and on our web site in text and as video. We also provide you these features so you can use them in your future marketing efforts!

How Does This Work?
In order to present your travel destination or business in the best possible light, we need to spend at least a day at your location. The more they experience, the more "real" your feature will feel to readers. The writer will need about an hour of your time at the beginning of the visit to learn what you would like to have highlighted, and another hour at the end of the visit to present any questions she may have.

How Much Does This Cost?
We offer two options for pricing. You can pay the regular rate for a full page ad and our staff will be responsible for paying their own travel costs. Or you can assist with lodging & amenities and deduct the value of these costs from the regular rate.

How Do We Get Started?
Call or
e-mail. Be prepared to provide directions to your location, and if you have a web site or marketing materials, it would be helpful if we have that information before our visit.


WV Travelers

As graduates of the American Writers and Artists Institute, Frank and Lisa Minney travel throughout West Virginia creating articles and stories for Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine, Wonderful West Virginia Magazine and other media outlets.

During their trips, they both conduct research and use their different photography and video styles, which blend together to create vivid, educational and enticing pieces in a variety of mediums.

They provide services for: magazines; book publishers; public relations firms; advertising agencies; specific destinations; businesses, tourism offices; resorts; and many others in the travel industry.


We offer all aspects of writing and photography, well-suited for magazines, books, location/destination coverage, public relations firms, advertising agencies, and many other uses.  

This includes writing and photography for: businesses promotion; travel, destination, and tourism industry; outdoor/adventure travel; eco-tourism; transportation; hiking,  camping,  local cuisine and small-town dining, rustic and traditionally scenic destinations; cities and rural areas.  

We also pursue writing and photography projects for business and travel marketing firms, as well as writing and photography for resorts and destinations, restaurants, retail and cultural outlets, and photography projects for various tourism offices, Convention & Visitors Bureaus and Chambers of Commerce.

We will travel to West Virginia and Southern Ohio destinations, and specialize in small business promotion, out-of-the-way locations, hiking and geocaching, tent and rough camping, traveling with pets and outdoor challenges.

Our regular readers have come to trust us to find affordable, unique and undiscovered attractions and destinations within a day’s drive of our region.

We do consider and accept press trips and compensated meals, stays and activities on a limited basis. We disclose any compensated experiences fully to our readers.

For more details on the types of services we provide and some of our past projects, please see the additional options on the right. Or, feel free to contact us:

Phone: 304-354-9132


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